Aaron Wright

Leader of the Church of Apostolic Fire, Les Mysteries Cell


Int-3 Wits-3 Resolve-5
St-3 Dex-2 Stam-4
Pres-4 man-4 Comp-4

Academics (Theology)-3, Occult (Spirit)-3 politicts-2
Brawl-2 Drive-1 Fire Arms-2 larceny -1
Empathy-3, Expression (Preaching)-5, Intimidation -2. Persuasion-3 Socialize (Fellowship)-3

True faith-2, , Spiritual Guidance, Hands of Raphael. Status (Les Mysteries)-4 (Path of Spirit) , Resources-4 Professional training (religious)-4Allies (Congregation)-5, Iron Will-3, Inspiring, , Unseen Sense Spirits-3
Languages-English- native, Spanish-1.

tactics: Disarm*, Effigy, Brother’s Keeper, Eviscerate, Lobby*Deprogramming*, , Exorcism* Moral Support*

*Can act as primary.


In his late 50’s Arron Wright is charismatic and controversial minister of Apostolic Fire Church. In the 80’s however he was a drifter and petty thief. He doesn’t hide his ‘sinful’ past. In Kansas in 1988, he was staying at a farm/commune where two of the members were possessed by warring spirits. In the finial battle only Aaron survived.

He turned to religion after this event. He became a deacon at several churches, and then an itinerant preacher. eventually he started his own church in Highland Park California. He also wrote a book about his exploration into spirits.He has made communion with an entity he calls the Arch AngleI Micheal. He has come in to contact with the organization known as Les Mysteries.

Though he may disagree with other members of Les Mysteries, such as voodooista and New Agers, he is willing to accept them as brothers against evil spirits.

Aaron Wright

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