Angie Salem

Witch servent of the vampiric Prince of Ventura



Int: 3 Wits: 3 Resolve: 4
Str:: 2 Dex: 3 Stamina: 3
Presence: 4 Manipulation: 4 Composer: 4

Academics: 1 Computer: 1 Occult; (Black Magic): 4 Politics: 2
Brawl: 1 Firearms: 1 Stealth: 2 Drive: 1 Survival (Urban): 2 Weaponry:1
Expression: (Violin): 5 Social: 1 Subterfuge: 3 Stretwise: 3

Allies:(Winter) 4 Resources: 4 Safe House: 4 Striking Looks: 4
Fore Telling: 4 Passion: 4 Shadow: 3 Twilight: 3


The girl who now calls herself Angie Salem was a musical prodigy. Born in Boston to very well to do parents, they rejoiced that there little girl was the next Mozart. At the age of ten she was putting on sold out violin concerts. It turns out she was a prodigy at something else magic.

She turned to the goth scene and black magic first as an act of rebellion
. He parents treated her like a doll to occasionally take out show their friends. The only button she could press was their near fanatical faith in Christianity. unfortunately she pushed the button two hard and they had their own daughter kidnapped by a deprogramer.

The deprogramer was a member of The Midway Church of God, and also a low level hunter. He also had some dark secrets and sexually abused his captive. Angie killed him and escaped to California.

her captor The Reverend Joshua Brant told her about how he had recently killed a vampire. So when she got to the West Coast she looked for them. She would have wound up dead if Winter had not seensed her magical ability. She is now the human servant of the Prince of Ventrua, ading hunters in her covert war against vampires in Los Angeles.

She has served winter for eight years originally she was bonded to her, but she now genuinely loves her mistress with a passion. Willfully doing her bidding and willing to die for her.

Angie Salem

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