Division VI Cell


Following Ray Bruce’s lead the members of LA’s Division Six Cell, deliberately obfuscates their background stories.

Jason Buck – tall man with a blonde handlebar mustache. He claims to be ex-law enforcment and has a hair trigger temper.

Candace Cross – She claims to have been an assassin for the CIA and the Mafia.

Ira Steele – He claims that he is ex FBI who quit because he VASCU were selling out to the enemy.

Horace Stone This obese man claims to have a PhDs in physics. and philosophy He differently has at least a rudimentary knowledge of those subjects.He is also a better than average shot with an Uzi.

Christopher Parker – He dress like the quintessential Man In Black. He claims to the be THE expert on the legend of Atlantis. He wears a black suit and dark glasses and will only use Walther PPK.


Division VI Cell

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