Skull Mask

Imortal Criminal


There has been a Skull Mask in the LA area since the 1920’s. The original Skull Mask was a bartender whose girlfriend who was assaulted and killed by a local mobster. After his bloody rampage of revenge his journals were found claiming he received a box with no return address on it. In the box was a black wool mask with a skull painted on it. He claims it gave him the knowledge and skills how to eliminate those who wronged him. eventually he was gunned down by a team of corrupt cops.

With in a year another man received a delivery of a wool mask with a skull painted on it. He took on the killers MO and powers. No one knows who creates the Skull Mask or how it gets it powers or chose its owners. Since 1928 there has been over twenty Skull Masks In the greater LA area.. .



Skull Mask

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