Talbot Group Wolf People Hunters.

The Talbot Group's elite Werewolf/spirit hunters.


!This team of four is The Talbot Group’s most experienced wolf hunters on the west coast. They are less concerned about redemption than most of the group’s membership. They are all experienced outdoors men, and expert in both handling werewolf and spirits, but have never come across any other types of supernatural targets. In a five year run they have killed 24 werewolves.

hey live in a cabin/training facility in the Las Padres mountain, they are aware of project O Overwatch but will only take orders from the TG. .

Due to constant training each member has the following tactics, at least as secondary Confuse the sent, Disarm, Domesticate, Resonance, Road Kill. & Silver Bullet. .

All Members have Professional Training (Outdoorsman_ At least of 3 and Survival of at least 3, And Talbot Membership of at least 3.

Russ Porter – Team leader, ex-biological field researcher . Has a masters degree from Cal-State Humbolt.

Known Attributes Wits: 3 Intelligence; 4 : Dexterity: 3 Stamina: 4 Manipulation: 3
Survival (tracking); 4, Occult: 2, Animial Ken: 2 Science (Biology): 3, Driver; 3 Athletics: 3, Firearms (Rifle): 3 Weaponry: 3 Brawling: 3.
Professional Training: (Outdoors-man) 4 Talbot Group Membership: 4,
Strong Back, Iron Stamina 3, Direction Sense.
Can act as primary in all tactics.

Kara Bluewing – Navajo Biologist and Porter’s lover.Has a Masters in Biology from N. Arizona University.

Know attributes: Intelligence: 4
Survival: 4 Occult (Native American): 4 Science; (Biology): 4 Driver (Off Road) 2 Fire Arms (Rifle): 3
Language: Navaho,
Uses a Remington Lever Action Rifle as primary weapon.


Talbot Group Wolf People Hunters.

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