Tara Grham

Automatic Handwritting Medium


A tattoo artist from Van Nyus she has been getting messages from a spirit calling itself, Xeromiv. She has been using the messages to lead the war against the supernatural.

Int-2 Wit-3 Res-3
St-2 Dex-2 Stam-3
Pres-4 Man-3 Comp-2

Academics-1, Computers 1, Craft (Tattoo Art)-4 investigate -1 Medicine-1 Occult (spirits)-2, Science -1
Athletics-1 Brawl (cat fighting)-2 Drive (Motorcycle)-1 Firearms-1 Larceny
2 Stealth- 1 Survival-1 Weaponry-1
Empathy 2 Expression (tattoo Art) -4 Imitation -1 Persuasion (Innuendo)-3, Socialize (Party) 3 Streetwise-4 Subterfuge -2

Health- 8, Willpower – 5 Defense – 2. Inish Mod – 4, Speed – 4. Morality -4

Professional Training (Artist)-3, Status (Les Mysteries) – 2, Resources 2 Allies (gang Members)-4 Striking Looks-4 Emotional Detachment Barfly. Spanish – 1
Psychic – Automatic writing.

Tactics -
Deprogramming*, Disappear* Identification- Moral Support* Disarm, Thin the heard, Arson*, Helter Skelter, Stakeout (Primary, Partial 1)Distraction*, Shadowing.


The owner and propitiatory of a tattoo parlor called Ink Spot. She has a few allies among biker gangs she does free tatoos for.

Since she was a child Tara would go in to a trance and write messages from a spirit calling itself Xeromiv. It’s message is about a war between humans and the supernatural. She has recruited an army to fight in Xeromiv’s war. Unfortunately of dozen or so that have been recruited only a few are still alive. About four have quit when injured or saw how dangerous it is. 14 are dead and her cell is only two members strong now.

She has connected with Les Mysteries, though she seems to have real ability an connection with spirits she has a low status do the dangerous nature of her spirit messages.

Tara Grham

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