The Church of Apostolic Fire

A Chrismatic Christian church that deals with spirits A Les Mysteries Cell


A church Highland Heights, area of LA. It is seen by many as a cult. It is a Christian church, but includes aspects of Speaking in Tongues, snake handling, and being possessed by ’"Angels". It is also a hunter cell aligned with Les Mysteries.

Its leader is the controversial Reverend Arron Wright. A drifter from Oklahoma who claims as a teenager was caught in the cross fire between warring spirits. He then claims to have contact with “The Arch-Angle Micheal.” And started the church in the mid 1980’s.

He began to reach out to other ‘spirit’ survivors, and began associated with Les Mysteries. He has a team of church members who ac t as his cell. .

The church’s symbol is a cross with the Les Mysteries symbol at the cross piece.


The Church of Apostolic Fire

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