The Society of the Stellar Eye

Pshychic Research organization assosiated with les Mysteries.


This is a New Age organization that believes it has been contacted by ’Celestial Spirits" and have been chosen to fight monsters through out the world. The Society of the Stellar Eye, was founded by Tanith Botha of South Africa. She has some degree of fame writing New Age Books, and this has allowed her to buy an Estate in Malibu. She claims that she has contacted an extraterrestrial spirit named LEM.who guides her.

She has created a cell of six other members. Three are contactees and three are psychics. She also has a retinue of ex-south Africa special ops as her body guards. She reached out to Les Mysteeries to strengthen her position as monster hunter, it is the same reason she has excepted the overtures of Project Overwatch.

In the last year her compound has been attacked twice. One by werewolves and once by an unaffiliated group of christian monster hunters that see her and her group as witches. As such she is leery of some of the more conservative hunter groups, but is making diplomatic overtures twords them, if for no other reason protection of her cell.
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The Society of the Stellar Eye

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