Urban Squad Delta


This is a five person team of the Chieron group based in the Irvine industrial complex. All are ex-military, SWAT or mercenaries. The are lead by Eden Rivers. Each has at least one level 3 Themotechnolgical surgeries.


1) John “Tex” Myer an ex-special forces operator and team field leader.
2) Jennifer Tam- Chinese descent born in Hong Kong. ex-corporate mercenary. Was captured committing industrial espionage against the Chieron group. She is not the compony’s most loyal supporter.
3) Robert “RJ” .Long African American ex-marine.
4) Daniel ’Shades" Saunders5 -ex-SWAT, pistol expert and vampire expert.
5) Jose Mendoza – Ex-special forces op and tech expert newest member of the team.

They all have the following skills.

All attributes -3.

Skills- Investigation-2. Medicen-2 occut-3 (each member with a specialty) Science-1
Athletics-3, Brawl-3, Firearms-4, stealth-3,Weaponry-3
Imitation-3, Streetwise-2.

Tactics: Corral*, Cripple Claws*,Hamstrung* Harvesting* Stalking*Road kill^, Silver Bullet* Head shot*, System shock*, Helter Skelter*

Merits: Solider-3 Chieron Group-3, Weapon dodge, Brawling dodge, Disarm., Language:ConLang, Indomitable-3, Unboundable.

Urban Squad Delta

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