Christopher Gore PhD

Chieron Group Field Research Special Projects Manger LA


Concept: Bio Chemist

Name: Christopher Gore Age: 36 Location: Irvine
Race: Caucasian Height: 6” 0” Weight: 185 Lbs
Organization: Cheiron Group

Intelligence: 4 Strength: 3 Presence:3
Wits: 2 . Dexterity: 2 Manipulation: 3
Resolve: 3 Stamina: 3 Composer: 3

Health: 8 Willpower: 6 Humanity: 5
Defense: 2 Initiative: 5 Speed: 10

Academics: 4
Computers; 2
Medicine: 3
Politics: 1
Science:(Bio-Chemistry) 4

Brawl: 2
Drive: 2
Firearms: 2
Survival: 1

Expression: 3
(Written report)
Intimidation: 4
Socialize: 2

Allies (TCC Backup): 2
Professional Training (Scientist): 4
Status (Chieron Group): 4
Striking Good Looks: 4
Resources: 4

English (native)
German; 2
Italian: 2

Known Tactics: Corral*, Harvest*, Measurement*, Staking.

*Can be primary.

These are stats a character might be able to detect about Christopher after a few meetings may have additional stats not listed here.


Dr. Christopher Gore is the manger of the Field Group for Chieron in Los Angeles. He is ever bit the embodiment of the cold detached scientist. Though he can fake concern and other human emotions when the job calls for it. This recently ruined his marriage as his wife left him, filed for divorce and took their two kids back to Iowa. His response seems to be “Good now I have more time for work.”

It is important to know though he leads a team with thaumech implants he has none himself.

Christopher Gore PhD

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