Ashwood Abbey Cell Los Angeles


Marcus Dupree – He is a bit of an oddity for the Ashwood Abbey, as he is not a hedonist nor a psychopath, but instead he is Porsche lee’s body guard. A competent and professional guard, he is in it for the money and sometimes acts as the voice of reason when his charge suggest something incredibly dangerous or inane.

Known Attributes: Resolve – 3,Wits – 3, Strength – Stamina 3
Known skills: Drive – 3, Firearms (handguns)
3 Weaponry – 3.
Known Merits: Fast reflexes: 2 Gunslinger – Quick Draw – Stunt Driver -
Known Tactics: Criple claws, Dentistry*, Hamstring,* Stalking.

Pig-Man – a mutant slayer, whose face looks like a deformed pig’s face. He had killed several people before the Abbey tracked him down, instead of killing him, Pig-Man was invited to join the Abbey, on the condition that he now only kill creatures of the night. Pig-Man is pathological loyal to adopted family because they are the only ones who have ever treated him nice. He is treated mainly as a faithful servant but it is still better than he has ever been treated before. He acts as the teams muscle, and is kept out of sight at the Barrymore Estate.

Known stats: Strength – 5 Stamina 4 Intelligence -1.
Know skills: Brawling
4 Stealth- 3 Weaponry- 3
Known Merits: Giant

Porsche Lee: A legacy member, of the Ashwood Abey, her father was equal to Sebastian Barrymore in power when he was killed by a vampire. A hedonistic, addict she is probably the Abbey’s most competent hunter. She always hunts with her body guard Marcus Dupree.

Known Attributes: Presence -4, Manipulation – 4.
Known Skills: Fire Arms -3, Occult – 3, Persuasion -4, Socialize – 4
Known Merits: Bar Fly, Status (Ashwood Abbey) -4 Resources – 5 Striking Good Looks, 4,

Sebastien Barrymore – The head of the LA chapter. He has been in the hunt for over thirty years. His family are land developer ho made a killing in California Real estate. Though fifty now he is famous for his party and parting. He is Porsche Lee’s god-father.

Known Stats: Presence; 4 Manipulation: 4
Known skills: Subterfuge: 4
Know Mertis: Resources 5, Status (Ahswood Abbey:) 5
Known tactics: cripple Claws, Dentistry* Lobby*, Staking.


Ashwood Abbey Cell Los Angeles

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